Eyes On Her Prize (Medium) Metal Cage 4.33 inches long
Eyes On Her Prize (Medium) Metal Cage 4.33 inches long
Eyes On Her Prize (Medium) Metal Cage 4.33 inches long

Start low and slow. Our Eyes On Her Prize (Medium) Metal Cage will surely inhibit orgasm because the thick cock ring will lock it all in. Your chaste penis will never reach its rock-hard erection so long as you’re wearing this.

 This perfect CBT sex toy will guarantee that your chastity slave’s orgasm is out the window. Key holders will be in total control of his sexual urges and any form of mischief will be punished accordingly. Parts of your caged man’s penis will be in plain view so you can tease, stroke and rub it anytime you want. His cock is at your disposal.

 Everything about this metal chastity device screams “solid,” from the intimidating tube design to the extra-thick cock ring that’ll keep even the bluest pair of balls solidly trapped. You can use lubes for smooth insertion. An internal locking mechanism means that this might just be the perfect design to send your locked up man to work in without risking that padlock rattle!

Our stainless steel cock cage is very convenient to clean and medically-safe when used by knowledgeable Doms and Subs. Clean the Eyes On Her Prize (Medium) Metal Cage by submerging it in clean water and mild, fragrance-free soap. Soaking it in boiling water is also an option for disinfecting it. Stainless steel is temperature-sensitive too. You can play with a hot or cold temperature for added sexual stimulation.

 Lock your sissy cock right now!

Color/Type Silver Penis ring
Material Stainless steel
Ring Dimension


4cm (1.57 in);

4.5cm (1.77 in);

5cm (1.97 in)

Cock Cage Dimension

Diameter: 3.5cm (1.38 in);

Length: 11cm (4.33 in)

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Eyes On Her Prize (Medium) Metal Cage 4.33 inches long

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