Best Locks for Your Cage


One often overlooked aspect of cock cages is how you actually lock them. With several different options available, this is an important consideration.

Read on to learn about some of the different ways to lock your cage, and the benefits of each...

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Forty Days of Frustration

Forty days of frustration challenge

Level up your chastity skills with Lock the Cock’s most EXTREME challenge yet!

Can you make it to 40 days without cumming a single time? Can you survive the fiendishly difficult challenges along the way? Prove yourself to your keyholder by successfully completing Lock the Cock’s brand-new 40 Days of Frustration Challenge. If you succeed, you’ll earn an orgasm – but be warned, it won’t be easy. This challenge is only for the most determined of chastity devotees!

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An Example Chastity Contract

Chastity Contract

For many couples adding chastity to their dynamic, writing up a chastity contract is a natural first step. The contract outlines the rules by which the couple or group will abide during the period of chastity.

Learn what your chastity contract should contain, and see an example in this article...

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Chastity #102: Cages

Chastity 102 comic intro

MISTRESS TRACY: Greetings, class, and welcome to the Advanced Chastity Seminar. Today, we will be talking about how to put on and wear a cock cage for a life of permanent chastity. I will remind you that good slaves are to call me "Mistress" at all times. Now, did everyone bring their cock cage?

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Chastity #101: Lifestyle

Chastity 101 comic intro

MISTRESS TRACY: Welcome to Chastity 101, freshmen and freshladies. I am Professor Tracy, but good students will call me “Mistress”. Understood? Good. Now, in this class we will be covering the basics of male chastity.

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