Chastity Lifestyle

Chastity #101: Lifestyle

Chastity 101 comic intro

MISTRESS TRACY: Welcome to Chastity 101, freshmen and freshladies. I am Professor Tracy, but good students will call me “Mistress”. Understood? Good. Now, in this class we will be covering the basics of male chastity.

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Finding the Best Underwear (or Panties!) for a Locked Cock

Man watching sunset

Once a slave starts wearing a cock cage, he'll be dealing with a lot of extra bulk in the underwear department.

Find out the best kinds of underwear to wear over your cage in this helpful guide!

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Teasing and (Sometimes) Pleasing: Ideas for Chastity Play

Couple in bed together

The trial period is complete – the caged partner has adjusted to their device, the keyholder feels comfortable in their role. So… What's next?

Lots and lots of fun, sexy experiences, that’s what!

Read on to explore some of the many ways you can make chastity fun and interesting for both slave and Mistress...

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Chastity and Genital Piercings

Rings for piercings

Can you comfortably wear a cock cage if you have piercings on your cock or balls? This simple question can make many men wonder if they'll even be able to participate in male chastity.

Find the answers to your questions in more in our guide to Male Chastity and Genital Piercings!

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Can Chastity Cause Weight Loss?

Thin man with muscles drawn behind him

After they first put on a cock cage, many men realize they are much happier than they were before. And why shouldn’t they be? The number of benefits which a male chastity lifestyle provides are practically uncountable. He will be obedient and submissive. He will happily and willingly perform any chores or tasks which his keyholder might command him to do. And, not only that, but his keyholder can also use his period of lockup to encourage his or her chastity slave to pursue self-improvement...

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