Chastity Lifestyle

Do You Have Sex During Chastity?

Slave kissing mistresses belly

When you take the plunge into the world of male chastity, you might worry that your sex life will be a thing of the past!

This isn’t really the case though, and sex has a central role in the male chastity relationship. In this article, we’ll cover some of the very important ways that sex is used in male chastity.

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Solo Chastity and Online Chastity

Solo and online chastity

The world of chastity is vast and enjoyable, and many men all over the world enjoy the pleasures that come with the chastity lifestyle.

But what happens if you aren’t already in a relationship? What if your partner isn’t into the idea of locking you up? What if you can’t find a willing keyholder to take ownership over your cock?

Don't despair, you can still enjoy the world of chastity on your own. Read on to find out how!

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Best Tips for Sissy Chastity Sluts

Sissy chastity slave

As a slave wears a cock cage and becomes more placid, he might find that he wants to explore more of his feminine side.

Sissy play lets him do just that, taking on many feminine traits and integrating them into his life.

Read on to learn more about the Sissy lifestyle, and how you can embrace your feminine side.

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Chastity Humiliation Tips From a Real Mistress

Mistress standing on slave

Humiliating your slave is one of the best ways to keep him in check!

Learn some of the best ways to humiliate your slave from one of our very own LocktheCock Mistresses

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An Example Chastity Contract

Chastity Contract

For many couples adding chastity to their dynamic, writing up a chastity contract is a natural first step. The contract outlines the rules by which the couple or group will abide during the period of chastity.

Learn what your chastity contract should contain, and see an example in this article...

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