Male Chastity Devices

The first, and last, place you’ll ever need to look to be equipped for your pledge. High-quality cages of any style, color and material you can imagine. Your journey starts here…

Metal Cages

Sometimes a slave wants something to remind them of their pledge. Our metal cage range fits the bill perfectly, with a huge selection of intricate designs.

Silicone Cages

Soft, snug and incredibly comfortable. Silicone cages are perfect for wearing while you’re out and about and need a little give. Click here to find your dream silicone cage!

Mistress’s Locktober Challenge

This year our social media Mistresses have been hard at work preparing all kinds of fun and games for you. Check back each day to see what they have in store!

Become the Perfect Slave

How To Measure

Make sure there’s no chance of escape. Measure up for Mistress and get a cage that fits just right.

Original Comics

Be teased and tempted as you learn everything Mistress expects from a good slave.

Chastity Games

Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s The LocktheCock carnival, with chastity fun and chastity games for one and all.